Service agreement

The security industry is growing. Both insurance companies and authorities have different demands depending on their business activities. Service agreements are a requirement in certain industries today – but they are beneficial for everyone.

An alarm that does not work can have catastrophic consequences. Regardless of the industry. The insurance companies have through the years seen alarms that too often do not work properly, and therefore they have demands. The fire departments have similar requirements. Different industries have different requirements. But alarms should work even if there are no legal or insurance requirements. 24/7. Every day. Every year.

We can help you find out which requirements applies to your business, and you can trust that we check the rules and regulations for you. We can also help you find systems that will suit your business and customize them for you.

You can negotiate a number of benefits through a service agreement – in addition to a reliable and functioning alarm – such as faster setup times, discounted material costs and a more profitable cost per hour when safety technicians are working at your facility. You will also become a prioritized customer, which creates additional values.
Since we are not committed to any manufacturers, we can meet the market requests. You can therefore choose, or we can help you choose, the system that is best for you. We use open platforms in our systems so that you can choose service freely.

We have of course all necessary certificates and permits so that our trained engineers and technicians can work at your facility.