Safety alarms

Safety alarms makes life more secure for the elderly, people with disabilities or people with special needs. At home or in different sheltered housing. Since we are not committed to any suppliers, we can help you find solutions and perform installations, maintenance and service for all alarms on the market.

Since all buildings and all people have different needs, a number of different solutions for fire alarms exist today. Sheltered housing often has a centralized unit, where the staff can get a complete overview, and then portable alarm buttons that the residents can have on their arm or around their neck. This is often complemented with other aids, such as motion detectors next to the bed.
The development of safety alarms is rapid. Maybe you want a solution where the staff have emergency telephones that show which person has set off the alarm and where he or she is? Maybe you want a safety alarm that is connected to regular cell phones.? Maybe you want monitors in the hallway that show who has set off the alarm and if a member of the staff is there?

There are a number of manufacturers and solutions, and we have the knowledge to install all of them – and we can help you thanks to our experience from working with many municipalities.
And not to forget, we can of course perform regular maintenance and service for your safety alarms.