Distributed control systems

Distributed control systems are based on a software that collects and presents information from different subordinate systems. You will get a comprehensive overview of your security system, with the opportunity to control and retrieve information by using the same interface.

When your security system is built on several different systems, it is important to get an overlook over the functions in a simple and concise way. A distributed control system facilitates this. For example, it can cover burglar and fire alarms, camera surveillance, access control systems and lighting.

On one or more screens, for example at a reception desk, you can monitor everything that happens in the connected systems. Visual indicators on a drawing, with a possible audio signal, will alert attention if something happens. Control functions, such as turning on or off the alarm or opening or closing doors and gates, turning the lighting on or off and other things can easily be managed from one location.
The facility will become more secure and easier to manage.

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