Camera surveillance

Camera surveillance is becoming more and more common. Both for production and security. An area, a production facility, a store or anything else that need surveillance. Which camera should you choose? Do you need a permit? We can answer all your questions.

The technological development within camera surveillance is moving fast. Both cameras and image quality are constantly evolving. If you do not want to tie yourself to a specific manufacturer, we can guide you through all the different products. Your facility is unique. Whether it is sawmills, ironworks, schools, parking, stores or something else. Camera surveillance often require unique solutions.
We can help you figure out when you only need to report your surveillance camera, for example in car parks and stores, and when you need a permit, for example in public places.

If you do not know what signage you need for camera surveillance, we can explain.

We can also help you find the right hardware and software for your needs.