We invest in companies that develop new and groundbreaking technologies. We join the process early and enable innovative companies and ideas to reach the market. In this way, we can contribute to a positive development that benefits both the community at large, and all of us who live in it.

Our vision is a better future, in which we contribute to creating a community where people can live, grow and prosper. Therefore, we work every day to contribute to the development of the future, in all the places where we are active. Midroc Invest is the part of Midroc that invests in companies with unique reforming technologies, and can in this way contribute to a positive development of the community at large.

Midroc Invest invests in groundbreaking technologies that have great commercial potential and are globally important. The largest part of the investments is concentrated on Swedish companies that are active within cleantech and life science. The investments comprise everything from companies that develop solutions for solar powered water purification, sustainable food production, carbon neutral electrical power and emission-free vehicles, to companies that produce pharmaceuticals for treatment of previously untreatable deceases.

By investing early and with a long-term focus, we contribute to making new sustainable innovations reach the market, in cases where it otherwise may not had been possible. Our philosophy is characterized by a great and active owner responsibility, where we through operational commitment and strategic board work manage our portfolio companies.